Saturday, July 26, 2014

Playing on my Pod - We're really moving now

Just finished my last dance camp of the summer! (Aside from a meeting next week, that was my last official duty before moving to Kauai in a week!) In prep for my dance camps this summer, I came across some stellar tunes. So, here's what's playing in my pod.

Shower - by Becky G
Let Her Go - byPassenger 

Surround You - by Echosmith 

Pumpin' Blood - by NONONO

Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home - by Keira Knightley

Shower needs to be your summer anthem. Also, if you can't tell, I'm hooked on the Endless Love Motion Picture soundtrack!!! It's awesome! Speaking of endless love, I get to see my husband tonight after 2 weeks of being apart. He started work on Kauai already, and he's flying back to load our container. 

My dad helped me map out where the container was getting delivered, because I wasn't going to be home when it arrived. Like, me he is detail-oriented and thinks of everything. Spray paint, orange cones and a machete were involved. Success!
Ivy has loved the packing process! She asks if we can pack boxes every day. :)

To prepare for the move, I got my hair done by Siri, my stylist here (across from St Theresa's, tell her I sent you.)

Ivy got her first real necklace. From Forever 21… no F21 on Kauai. Gotta stock up on the $2.80 necklaces. (Ivy changed my iPhone filter to chrome or something).

So, here we go! OGG -> LIH
Lets do this!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We're Moving!

movingSo, we're moving. Back to Kauai. It's just a flight away, but still, a task to actually move everything over there. Boxes are being packed. Loads to Goodwill are being made (don't tell Ivy). We are all excited, yet a decision like this is always hard. I think it's hardest on me. Kit and Ivy are stoked, but I'm sentimental. I've done pretty well with taking it all in stride. I look at it more like dual citizenship because thankfully I'll be working on Maui every Saturday, so I can teach the students I adore so very much, and see my parents and family and friends. 
palm tree pink sky moon Maui This photo of the moon was taken on one of our last BBQ's in the driveway before Kit took off to Kauai to start working for a couple weeks. These are the moments I'll miss, because now they're no longer everyday life, they're memories of our life here. 

note from dad I love you

Ugh, how can 600 sq ft hold so much!

Urban Outfitters shower curtain and wire baskets
PROBLEM: I've been buying things left and right, as if I'm going to be stuck on an island forever! But these wire baskets from Urban Outfitters-- they're going to look awesome in my office!

Fabric is a whole other story. In my defense, there are no good fabric shops on Kauai, and with Ivy & Co., there are certain fabrics I need an abundance of! But seriously, I'll be back 1 month after I leave. I can stock up then if I need to. I'm driving myself crazy and really, I just want to unpack and be in my new space and get completely organized. 

Speaking of unpacking, I can't wait to unload this gem. It's an antique pie safe I bought from a friend on Saturday. It's going in my office :) 
antique pie safe
If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed 3 new boards I created recently:

These boards contain my visions for these 3 rooms in the gorgeous 3 bedroom we'll be renting. Honestly, this awesome house is one of the things that has kept me sane in this process. I'm really stoked on it and feel like it's God's blessing for being obedient to the way He wants to orchestrate my life. We tried a few times to buy a house here on Maui and it just didn't work out. We live in an adorable cottage next door to my parents here, but we're outgrowing it quickly. So Kauai is the next adventure for us!

ululani's shave ice mother daughter
It's been so hot and humid here, we've been going to Ululani's Shave Ice frequently. Moving is hard. Today I killed a scorpion with a magic wand and a flower stem. No joke. 

Ok, I made it through writing this very surface level post about moving without a tear in sight. I've got a million ideas for blog posts, but they might have to wait until I get settled on The Garden Isle. Until then, 

A hui hou, 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

How To Recover A Vintage Train Case

How to recover and clean a vintage train case - Ivy & Co.I love my aunt Jaymee. She gets me. At age 1 she would put red lipstick on me. They're some of my favorite pictures to look at from childhood. We've always lived on opposite sides of the pacific, but when I went to college in California, I actually could drive and meet her for lunch. She would buy me Starbucks gift cards, (which I loved!) and she let me crash in her guest room whenever I needed.

2 years ago, Ivy, my mom and I went on a trip to California to visit family and friends. (After that trip, I blogged about my aunts adorable cottage here, my cousins uber-chic apartment here, and my very first train case here). I got the awesome vintage train case from my aunt (see pic on right). She actually had them just chillin in the trunk of her car and willingly gave one to me and one to my best friend. Little did she know that gift gave huge definition to my decor style, and that I would rip out its guts and give it a whole new look. 

Recently that old post has been getting a ton of attention via Pinterest, and the pics from that post weren't the greatest (pre-iPhone 5S, if you know what I mean). I actually picked up 2 more train cases last November in Oklahoma, and just recently recovered the inside of them. I feel like it's time to show my updated collection. Incidentally, all my train cases happen to be blue. I'd give my pinkie finger for an avocado green one. I'd give my pinkie toe for a grey or yellow one. 

For now, I'll have to settle with my blue collection of 3.
Here's my grey arrow print with mini mustard pom pom fringe.

How to recover and clean a vintage train case - Ivy & Co.

What To Do With A Vintage Train Case

Train cases are the perfect catch-all. Of course you can revert to their original use and store your beauty products in them, but I've also used them to hold remotes, DVDs, lotion and perfume bottles, jewelry and even jars of coins. Kids love 'em - Ivy had a mini one that she would put her "treasures" in. There's a pin on Pinterest of a yellow one holding baby supplies like diapers, wipes and burp cloths. I love that! I'm all about cleaning up old things and making them clean, cute, and usable.

How to recover and clean a vintage train case - Ivy & Co.

So how do you achieve that awesome inside?
Let's take a look at what some actually look like inside:

how to recover and clean a vintage train casehow to recover and clean a vintage train case

How To Recover The Inside Of Your Train Case

1.  Tear out the insides, save for a possible template. 
2.  Scrub the insides with a soapy rag, baking soda, a magic eraser, something! These things smell like old dog and cigarettes. I have yet to find one that doesn't wreak. 
3.  Pour ground coffee in the train case, close it up, and let it sit for a week. 
4. Clean out the coffee and febreeze it. 
5. Find a base material to give it a slight cushion-y layer to hide imperfections. Here's what I've used: felt, fake "snow" from Christmas time (the kind in rolls), and pieces of my sweat pants that I cut off cause they were too long.

Here's what mine looked like with fake "snow" sheets in it.

how to recover and clean a vintage train casehow to recover and clean a vintage train case

how to recover and clean a vintage train case6. Next, cut out a piece of fabric to go in the bottom of the train case. It can be a square, with rounded edges. It should be bigger than the bottom of the case, so that it goes up the sides of the case. Do the same thing for the lid of the case. Every time your cut out a piece of fabric, iron it well, because you can't iron it once it goes in the case!

How to recover and clean a vintage train case - Ivy & Co.Your corners can be folded over one another. Use modge podge to initiate the adhesion, then use a glue gun to glue down the edges of the fabric. 

How to recover a vintage train case - Ivy & Co.7. Measure the length from the top (usually metal) edge of the case, down to where the case starts to curve under at the bottom. Measure the circumference of the case. Cut a piece of fabric a little larger than these measurements and sew a seam along the top and bottom edge (It will be a long rectangle that you've cut out, and you will be sewing seams on the two longer sides.) This piece then gets glued around the circumference of the case, starting in the center back, using modge podge and a glue gun on the edges. The top seam edge should lie right below the metal edge of the case. Repeat for the lid of the case. Make sure the edges meet in the center back of the case, near the hinges. 

How to recover a vintage train case - Ivy & Co.

How to recover a vintage train case - Ivy & Co.

8. The next step could be skipped, but it really puts the icing on the cake: trim! I choose a trim to line the edge of the inside of the case, and it really hides any imperfections you might have along the top edge. I've used mini pom poms, and a cotton 3/4" beige ribbon. Just glue gun around the top edge. Again, the ends should meet in the back, near the hinges

How to recover a vintage train case - Ivy & Co.How to recover a vintage train case - Ivy & Co.

How to recover a vintage train case - Ivy & Co.How to recover a vintage train case - Ivy & Co.

How to recover a vintage train case - Ivy & Co. 9. Final step! Cut out a square of fabric, wide enough to cover the hinges, and tall enough to reach the top and bottom edge of the case. Hem this square on all 4 edges. (You may want to cut it a little bigger so you have room to turn under the seams). Glue gun it on the back edge of the train case, to cover all the raw edges you had meet in the back near the hungers. Don't glue gun it on the metal, just the case. Finish it all off with some scotch guard or spray modge podge just to stiffen it up a little and make it slightly more durable against stains.

How to recover a vintage train case - Ivy & Co.

And that's it! Here's my red, white and blue case. With a little peach thrown in…

How to recover and clean a vintage train case - Ivy & Co.

I love recovering these cases. I'm constantly trying to figure out how to get me some more cases all the way out to Hawaii. (By the time I finished this post, I gave in and ordered an avocado one off Etsy...) They're rare gems here! If you've got any you don't want, please mail them to me! If you've got any you want to hire me to recover, please mail them to me! 

How to recover and clean a vintage train case - Ivy & Co.

Hope this tutorial helps you out. I know it was lengthy!

Aloha, Rebecca

Friday, July 4, 2014

How To Tie Your Boho Head Wrap

I'm in love with boho style head accessories. That's why I started making my own boho head wraps. Many of you have bought them from my Etsy shop, at various craft fairs I've been at, or from Cru Kauai. But, whenever I give them as gifts to my friends, the question always stands, "So how do I wear it?" Let me clarify that for you today. There's actually a ton of ways you can wear it:

How to tie a boho bohemian head wrap band turban style

You can wrap it around your head once, twice. Tie it at the nape of the neck, tie it on top of the head, on the side of the head, tuck the ends in… the opportunities are endless. Most recently, I've heard of women tying my boho's around their waists over a dress and tucking the long ends in! 

But today, let's go over the basic way of tying your boho.

How to tie a boho bohemian head wrap band turban style
1. Place the center of the wrap just above your forehead. Bangs can be left out, or tucked in.

How to tie a boho bohemian head wrap band turban style2. Cross the two long ends at the nape of your neck.

How to tie a boho bohemian head wrap band turban style3. Bring those ends back to the top of your head.

4. Tie the ends in a knot on the top of your head.
How to tie a boho bohemian head wrap band turban styleHow to tie a boho bohemian head wrap band turban style

How to tie a boho bohemian head wrap band turban styleHow to tie a boho bohemian head wrap band turban style

How to tie a boho bohemian head wrap band turban style5. Keep your hair (long or short) tucked in the back of the boho, or pull it out so it hangs long over the back of the boho. For longer styles, you can start by doing step 2 under all your hair. For short hair, it works better to pull it out at the end.
Since all of my boho head wraps are reversible, 
I love how you get to see each fabric print by tying it this way. 

So, let's review the basic way to tie your boho:

How to tie a boho bohemian head wrap band turban style

Here are the boho's I currently have available in my Etsy shop for $22. I'm always adding new ones, and if you have a custom request, I'd love to make it happen! Click here to see these boho's in the shop.

How to tie a boho bohemian head wrap band turban style

Start rocking your boho and send/tag me in pics! 
You could be featured on the Ivy & Co. Instagram or Facebook page. 

HINT: I suggest you follow me on Instagram because I've been doing flash sales for my Etsy products, and they're going for less than my Etsy list price!!

Tutorial photos by Ajja Photography.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Playing On My Pod - new week. new songs.

update your playlist with these new songs

As a dance teacher, I have to update my playlists constantly. 99% of my playlists are for work.
The other 1% (which is really 1 playlist... yes, I probably have 100 playlists on my iPod) is the only one I listen to for pleasure. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that my song suggestions are a mix between what I use in my classes, and what I listen to for myself. Here's this week's pics:

1. Explode My Soul, by Melissa Helser & Jonathan David Helser
2. Love Runs Out, by OneRepublic
3. Heartbeat, by Beckah Shae
4. I Will Never Let You Down, by Rita Ora
5. Only You, by CeeLo Green


Have you seen all the new aprons in my Etsy Shop? Click here to check them out. 

Have a great week!